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DigIT - Business Digital Assistant

How To ... Go Digital?

DigIT will create a 0 Paper Consumption Farm by integrating live storage and creating all the documents requested by Government and national authorities! DigIT is part of the farm development process, anticipating the situations the partner farm will go through and creating risk management based on sustainable transition principles.

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Actual Stage

4 by 5 farmers want to migrate the biroucracy online (Eurostat 2022)


Less Paper

Farming companies acknowledge the need for administration processes digitization, using one platform for all the company's dynamics. Autogenerating documents decrease the error and supports farmers to focus on their business management, more!



Using the collected data to feed the DigIT algorithm, we build up a strong relationship between nature input and the company's efficiency! By developing a realistic execution timetable, companies will be able to generate the most relevant results in rasp conditions

Your agriculture

Digital Assistanty

Intuitive design, easy to use. Designed for the farmers needs.

DigIT Inventory

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DigIT First Analytics

DigIT First Analytics

Documents Generator

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We have many more to come soon ...

After a short period of data collection, our innovative AI model will boost your work.

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Our Experience in Numbers

Our goals grows together with our reponsabilities!

GB of Data

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Farms Infrastructure

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Data-driven Management

Our goal is to create a digital platform for companies that embrace the future of machine learning and understand the opportunity - the output data of their past business model will become the active database of the new one!

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