We are EBR NET

Tech, Sustainable development for agriculture

  • Our focus targets entrepreneurs who prioritize digital transformation in their work-flow and understand the opportunity it brings
  • We use cloud platforms to build a active digital archive of the company
  • We integrate artificial inteligence technology within the classic business model
  • We implement peer-to-peer transactions and adapt classic accounting to Web3 technology finance

Digital To-Do Tasks

Digital Arhive
one step closer to greener database

using Machine Learning technology to build efficient farmining business models

Risk Management
Business risk assessments to prevent potential malware

Improve production processes
based on the collected data from farms

We are EBR NET

We create Digital Solutions for green development, efficient growth of the agro industry.

DigIT facilitates the new working agenda using the same information and data input to bring harmony and efficiency between human resources, computing power and equipment productivity! DigIT will provide comprehensive assistance for digital management and will support the companies to respect nature and accelerate the transition to sustainable energy!

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    Target Business Models

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    Lines Of Code

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Digital Management of Business
We are EBR NET

Custom Solutions, Indentify needs

Digital transition for private sector will be the base of safe automatization for public sector administration processes! The added value in technology includes more than simple web or mobile apps and utility will play a big role on how we use tech platforms!

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EBR, EU sustainable development goals


Digital, Personal assistant for farms administration

Together we are working to develop the online field of your company. Our final goal is to create a custom analytic digital platform which can support the managers and employees in daily tasks to encourage the imperishable evolution.

Digital Arhieve

Create a digital archive

Cloud platforms will be the future of company's administration and DigIT will provide the infrastructure for this need - Goal: 0 Paper Consumption

DigIT - Digital Assitant for farms

DigIT does both

DigIT is designed for mobile, desktop and web apps! Digital real time management will offer flexibility and mobility to our partners and will reduce costs and time consumption

Smart Agriculture, Digitize the farm

Custom driven business simulation

DigIT will use machine learning technology and live data collection (position, weather, energy/resource consumption, etc.) to estimate the most suitable scenario in any given situation

We are EBR NET

DigIT is your partener, friend.

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